Scorpio Roastery specializes in roasting Specialty Grade, 100% Arabica, single origin coffee beans.  

All coffee is roasted to retain the unique characteristics of the origin.

We are currently roasting three excellent single origins from Ethiopia, Colombia and Guatemala.

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Scorpio Roastery Newsletter- Issue 1 - 1st June 2020


Good day,
I hope you all are keeping well, warm and sufficiently caffeinated in these strange times.
It has been 3 weeks since Scorpio Roastery opened and started supplying our freshly roasted specialty coffee to the coffee lovers of South Africa and I would like to thank everyone for the amazing support received thus far.
The month of June is going to be an exciting one for Scorpio Roastery, a new single origin will be added to our line-up (As subscribers to our newsletter you will hear it here first!), our coffee products will be available to order through Takealot and we have some awesome specials and contests lined up.


We have been mentioned as the new kid on the block, popping up out of nowhere supplying specialty coffee that rivals the top coffee roasters of the Western Cape.


My name is Mike Ralph and I am the owner and roaster at Scorpio Roastery.


I am passionate about coffee. 

It is not just the drinking of coffee that I love, I love everything about it: from learning about where the beans originated from to how it was grown. 


From looking at the way it was processed to the roasting methods involved in creating a delicious brown liquid from a green inedible seed and right through to the many brewing methods. 


I especially enjoy sharing not just my coffee, but also knowledge and insight into the world of specialty coffee, with others.


I have been working in Saudi Arabia since 2012 where specialty coffee is huge, I frequented many of the top coffee roasteries in the country and this is where I decided that my long term goal was to open a coffee roastery in Cape Town. 


Well, with COVID-19 and the lockdown, my long-term goals are now my immediate goals and Scorpio Roastery was born.


We are excited to announce that Guatemala Finca El Morito SHB/EP will be our third single origin coffee to be added to our line-up.


Finca El Morito SHB/EP, along with our other single origins, are Specialty Grade and this Guatemalan scored an impressive 82.75 points.


I have chosen a Guatemalan coffee for its creamy full-bodied feel. The notes of nut and chocolate make this a great winter coffee to be brewed and enjoyed in many methods including Filter, Espresso, Moka Pot, Aeropress and French Press (Plunger.)


What is also special about Finca El Morito, is the coffee beans are not just from a single origin but come from a single farm owned by farmer Jose Roberto Monterroso in Jalapa, Mataquescuintla. 


More information on this farm and coffee will be available on our website and social media shortly. 


If you want to be one of the first to receive a bag of this awesome coffee let me know, we will be selling this coffee for R90 for 250g and R340 for 1kg.

Congratulations to our photo contest winner Kobus Liebenberg! 


Kobus won with an outstanding 311 votes for his Flat white with beautiful tulip latte art.


Kobus bagged himself an Aeropress Coffee Maker, Hario Manual Burr Grinder and 500g fresh roasted Scorpio Roastery coffee beans.


Thank you all for your participation, it is fantastic to see so many awesome coffees being brewed at home during lockdown.

A special mention goes out to Thys and Pippie from Nina’s Ice Cream.


Throughout lockdown they have been reliably delivering their awesome dairy products around the Western Cape. 


The full cream milk they deliver is fantastic for cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites.


Contact Thys on 072 6604 254 to get a delivery schedule and pricelist for your area. 


You also must try out these ice creams from Nina’s Ice Cream made with Scorpio Roastery’s Colombia Popayan, they are amazing!

I only have five Aeropress coffee makers in stock going for R695, I am also throwing in some coffee to get you going. Due to supplier price increases my next shipment will be going for R799 each.

Head over to to secure yours.

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