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Single Origin coffee comes from a single location, whether it is a single farm, region or country as opposed to a blend which may contain coffee from multiple origins.

A scoring system is used by Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified Q Graders to evaluate and score a coffee’s grade.

This includes checking for defects, aroma, flavour, acidity, sweetness, balance, aftertaste etc.

Coffee that scores 80 or more points out of 100 is classed as specialty grade.

There are two main types of coffee, Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica is grown at high altitude, tends to be sweeter and has more desirable flavours from fruit to chocolate.

Robusta grows at a lower altitude and is more bitter than Arabica, this is due to having a higher Caffeine content than Arabica.  

You can buy our coffee on our website, alternatively you can pick up coffee from either DelVera Farm, Stellenbosch or Interlude Hydroponic & Organic Centre, Brackenfell.

You can also order our coffee from Nina’s Ice Cream and online from localgrind.co.za

Yes, coffee is very subjective and the best coffee is the one that tastes good to you and is suitable for your specific brewing methods. We offer coffee tastings at DelVera Farm, Stellenbosch where you can taste multiple samples of coffee and various brewing techniques to find the coffee that is best for you without committing to purchasing a bag.

Currently the darkest we will roast is a Medium-Dark, we believe in retaining as much of the origin character and flavours as possible without overpowering with flavours from the roasting process itself.

Yes, we offer wholesale prices to businesses, resellers and even individuals who drink a lot of coffee.
Contact us for more information.

Yes, this is called contract roasting. We offer this service to anybody that wants to sell their own brand of coffee but do not roast their own coffee such as coffee shops.

We will assist in obtaining the perfect coffee beans for you, let us know if you have a specific origin you want, if you do not know you can come to the Roastery and do a tasting of different origins to help you make your mind up.

Yes, we call this white labelling, we can supply you our packaged coffee with no labels and you can label it yourself. For an additional fee we can assist with label design and printing.

We make use of the following payment portals.

  • Ozow (Instant EFT)
  • Yoco (Debit and Credit Card)
  • SnapScan (Contactless Payment)

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