Guatemala Finca El Morito (SHB/EP)

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Guatemala Finca El Morito yields a fantastic beverage full of flavour with a thick creamy body and is ideal for brewing methods ranging from Espresso, French Press, V60 / Pour Over, Aeropress and Moka Pot.

20% of your purchase of Guatemala Finca El Morito will go to Huis Jabes.

Huis Jabes is a safe haven for abused women and children
located in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.

Huis Jabes have helped over 400 women and children
secure a better future for themselves through a
process of rehabilitation.

This coffee is not just a single origin but comes from a single farm.
El Morito is owned and run by Jose Roberto Monterroso who is renowned for exceptional quality coffee beans.

This Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) was cultivated at El Morito, when the coffee cherries are harvested they are cut, washed, de-pulped and then fermented in tanks for 10 hours.

When you purchase coffee from Finca El Morito, you are also supporting the communities in Mataquescuintla. The Monterroso family actively support their workers, local communities and contribute to the conservation of natural forests in Matequescuintla.

Farm: El Morito
Farmer: Jose Roberto Monterroso
Region: Jalapa, Mataquescuintla
Process: Wet Processed (Washed)
Elevation: 1,400 to 1,550 m.a.s.l
Notes: Floral, Stoned Fruit
Suggested brewing method: Espresso, French Press (Plunger), Chemex, Pour Over, Filter, Aeropress.

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250g, 1kg


Whole Beans, Coarse Grind (French Press), Medium Coarse Grind (Chemex), Medium Grind (Filter / Pour Over), Medium Fine Grind (AeroPress), Fine Grind (Espresso / Mocha Pot)


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