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Having a Decaf coffee in our line up was not planned, we had requests for Decaf so we delivered.

For a Decaf to be worthy of our line up it had to be special, enjoyable and chemical free; which this one surely is.

Introducing our Colombia Decaffeinated Single Origin coffee which has been processed using Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and not solvents (Methylene Chloride).

Fantastic body, mild acidity, notes of chocolate and maple syrup make this coffee delicious, you will not believe that this coffee is a Decaf


Colombia, South America




Decaf Carbon Dioxide (CO2) process

Decaffeinated by

Coffein Compagnie, Bremen

Caffeine content processes coffee (average)


Caffeine free


Decaf Method

When carbon dioxide gas is cooled and placed under pressure, it becomes a liquid. In this state it is able to bind with the caffeine molecule in green beans as the carbon dioxide acts as a magnet. Green coffee is soaked in containers of liquid carbon dioxide until the caffeine is “soaked out”.

The carbohydrates and proteins in the coffee bean are not affected and they attribute to the flavour and smell after roasting. Purity of the coffee is assured because of the extremely low boiling point of carbon dioxide. The CO2 can now be recycled and used in other commercial products.

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Whole Beans


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