Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Grade 2)

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From the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is a favourite amongst coffee drinkers around the world.

Yirgacheffe is an all rounder and can be enjoyed using any brewing method from Espresso to Pour Over.

Region: Yirgacheffe
Varietals: Heirloom Varieties
Process: Wet Processed (Washed)
Elevation: 1,800 to 1,900 m.a.s.l
Notes: Bright, Lemon, Floral
Suggested brewing method: Espresso, French Press (Plunger), Chemex, Pour Over, Filter, Aeropress

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250g, 1kg


Whole Beans, Coarse Grind (French Press), Medium Coarse Grind (Chemex), Medium Grind (Filter / Pour Over), Medium Fine Grind (Aeropress), Fine Grind (Espresso / Mokka Pot)


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