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Ahmed Qiyari

At an altitude of 2249 metres above sea level, nestled on top of the beautiful mountains of Haraaz Region, Yemen, you will find the village of Bani Qiyar.

It is here on his farm Ras Hamarmar, consisting of 3000 coffee trees, that Ahmed Qiyari and his family tend to the land and produce the most amazing of coffees.

With a lack of modern infrastructure and irrigation systems, nature has given this amazing land a natural mild, cool climate and mountain springs that collect rainwater though the year.
This natural process not only helps to grow coffee, but also adds to the beauty and flavour of this organic and chemical free coffee.

This coffee is of the Jaa’di varietal, screen size AA+ / 15+ and has been scored 85 points by Specialty Coffee Association accredited Q-Graders.

This coffee is natural processed with notes of sweet berry, lemon and a smooth body.

To enjoy this fantastic coffee to the fullest we recommend brewing methods including Pour over (Chemex, V60 etc), Aeropress and Siphon


Yemen is not often thought of as a coffee country, but it is in Yemen where the beverage we know and love today originated.

While it is true that the birthplace of coffee is Ethiopia, it is said that the bean was first consumed as a beverage in Yemen in 1450 by the country’s mystical Sufi monk population who used to drink the beverage to help them stay awake during all-night meditations.

 This discovery marked the beginning of the world’s coffee drinking culture as we know it today.

 As coffee made its way to the international market Yemen prospered. During the early 1700s, almost the entire country’s income came from coffee exports, and the whole world’s coffee supply came from Yemen.

 As a result of this boom, much of Yemen’s agricultural community moved to growing coffee in the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, it is not uncommon to come across Yemeni farmers who have been working in coffee cultivation for multiple generations going back 400-500 years

 Back when traders would sail back and forth from Europe to Indonesia they would pick up coffee in the Port of Java (Indonesia) and also from the Port of Mocha (Yemen). The rich earthy flavours of the Indonesian coffee mixed with the bright fruity flavours of the Yemen coffee created one of the first known coffee blends, Mocha Java.

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Whole Beans, Coarse Grind (French Press), Medium Coarse Grind (Chemex), Medium Grind (Filter / Pour Over), Medium Fine Grind (AeroPress), Fine Grind (Espresso / Mocha Pot)


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